Remove duplicate service layer credits?

04-27-2022 03:27 PM
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Is anyone aware of a way to remove any doubled service layer credits that may result from using more than one online source in your map? It's a waste of space, and if I were to run it by my desktop publisher, she'd raise an eyebrow. It just looks sloppy leaving them on. I really like using online layers, but they end up being more work than our local files as I must open in another program and fix the text for every map that gets made. See below - Esri, NASA, and USGS are all listed twice.


There has to be a smarter way for Esri to handle these credits - i.e. work something in that automatically detects duplicates (perhaps have it look between delimiters for matches and remove duplicates). In the meantime, is there a way I can fix this?

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i have the same request with duplicate service layer credits when displaying several Layers of the same publisher. Is there already a solution to this problem? 

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@KoryKramer Any Insight into this issue?

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