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Rematching addresses in ArcGIS Pro 3.x

03-23-2023 09:13 AM
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Just throwing this out into the universe to see if anyone has figured out the cause of this really strange issue that I had yesterday. I was teaching a class yesterday to our employees in our computer lab that included geocoding addresses from a table. We all clicked Yes to start the rematching process. When attempting to modify the address for any of the unmatched records, we discovered that the field was locked and we were unable to revise any of the pre-populated data. I have been trying for two hours this morning to recreate the issue on my laptop and my desktop in my office, but I cannot trigger it. I'll return to the computer lab tomorrow to see if I can recreate it, but in the meantime - has anyone had this issue before? Any ideas what combination of clicks and actions causes it?

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