Reduce export to PDF time

12-10-2021 03:56 PM
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I have a fairly detailed series of maps (~400 in total), its meant to be used with Avenza or another geoPDF app on a phone. So because of this I have a lot going on with the expectation that the user will be doing a lot of zooming in. They vary in scale some are very large (1:140000) and some are pretty small (1:24000) Some of the contents include from bottom to top:

  1. Other states boundaries for maps that are near the border
  2. Ownership from BLM, dissolved by the Property Status (USFS, BIA, etc)
  3. The main polygon of the map that the map series is based off of
  4. 10m Hillshade
  5. NHD hydrology, Waterbody, Areas, and Flowlines
  6. Admin Boundaries, Counties, etc
  7. Roads 
  8. PLSS sections, townships, and ranges
  9. GNIS Places, Campground, Flats, Parks, Pop Places, Springs, Stations, Summits

So there is a fairly good amount of data going on and its fairly complex too, everything loads fine and is responsive. The issue I'm having is that even on all the lowest settings (other than "Output as image" as I need the pdf to contain the georeference information) this pdf has been exporting for over 2 hours (and still isn't finished). Does anyone have suggestions on how to reduce that?

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