Recreate empty tiles in Manage Tile Cache seems to recreate all tiles

11-26-2018 08:38 AM
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I'm new to doing large-scale tile cache creation, so I'm looking for some help.  I have an image catalog in a file gdb that points to MRSIDS and am using the "manage tile cache" geoprocessing tool in ArcGIS Pro.  I set it up to run on the boundary of the image, which is a single multi-part polygon.  It's quite large - I expect the final cache to be around 400GB at scales 7-19.

After running for about 15 hours (11 parallel processes on a desktop I have), the processing sort of went flat.  All the processes went to 0% and no new bundles were getting created.  So I stopped the gp tool and restarted it, changing only the parameter to "RECREATE_EMPTY_TILES" instead of "RECREATE_ALL_TILES".

It's still running.  But over 5 days, it looked to me like it replaced all the bundles that had been made over the first 15 hours.  That's just observing that the old timestamps of the files disappeared.  It took 4.5 days to "replace" all the existing bundles (that were originally created in 15 hours), and now it's making "new" bundles, and really buzzing right along.

Am I using this tool correctly?  Am I interpreting what I'm seeing correctly?  What's the best practice here?

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