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07-20-2021 10:17 PM
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Hi, I'm trying to use ESRI for a research project into the historic murders (1888) in London's Whitechapel area.  I've been using an Eastings and Northings format for my .CSV database, but that doesn't seem to work when I try to upload the data into ArcGISPro. 

I have the data in the following format, but could others please suggest what I'm doing wrong as I'm getting the following error when I add layer from file "location fields not fully specified". I haven't yet inputted the time data (from 1888) until I've resolved the map plotting issue.


I've tried converting to Lat/Long but there's some error in that and I'd prefer to stick with my Eastings/Northing database.  Any ideas on where I'm going wrong would be gratefully received. Thanks.




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What coordinate System are you using?

Don't keep any blank cells for Easting and Northing Fields (Remove the rows having blank Esating and Northing values). Also ensure the fields are numeric.

Then, use Table to Table to convert the table to a File Geodatabase Table, if necessary.

Use XY Table to Point, to convert Table to Points. Define appropriate Coordinate System.

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I can't say for sure where you are in your workflow, but shouldn't you be adding "XY Table to Point" instead of add layer file? Try that with the correct coordinate system if you are using Northing Eastings.
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