Raster Data Randomly Doesn't Display

02-18-2021 01:45 PM
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The issue is that raster data from our enterprise GDB will randomly show and not show when zooming/panning/exporting the map.

For example in a particular map template I'm working on:

* Our imagery is not visible in the ArcGIS Pro map, but present on a PDF export (main data frame)
* The opposite occurs with our hillshade (which is used in the vicinity map of the attached screenshots)

ArcGIS Pro 2.7.1
10.7.1 Enterprise GDB

The same raster data displays perfectly fine in ArcMap/ArcCatalog as well as cached on our web basemaps.  Pyramids are built and there are no scale ranges set.  The issue is specific to ArcGIS Pro for us.  Any thoughts?

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Here's another screenshot showing how the raster data sometimes will partially draw.

I'm not 100% on this, but I don't recall this always being an issue for us in ArcGIS Pro.  It seems around Pro 2.4 was when this was introduced.  Has anybody else experienced this and know of a workaround?

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Hi- did you ever find a solution for this? We are dealing with a similar problem at our organization, where mosaic datasets will randomly display as a checkerboard (or not at all) when panning/navigating a map. It's also limited to Pro for us. 

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Same here. A big raster is visualized as random stripes, blocks and is coherent only when zoomed in closed enough. I am considering migrating to QGIS considering how many bugs ArcGIS Pro has. Basic functionality bugs. 

*I work on ArcGIS Pro v. 3.0.1 and the issue still hasn't been solved. 

Not sure if it is solved in 3.0.2 - at  this point I'm afraid to update my version, because projects can get messed up (without any warning) and unreadable after updating the software, the issue is reported (with no replies from ESRI) here: 


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