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"Only show chart data that is visible in the map frame" in Arcgis Pro 2.4.2 not working

12-05-2019 11:01 PM
New Contributor

I have one 95 km long line feature along which I want to create set of map extents (aprox. 40) using map series. The layout has map frame and profile graph. In the layout view I want to see only profile of current view in map frame in layout view. Therefore I checked "Only show chart data that is visible in the map frame" (in Czech translation on the next picture "Zobrazit pouze data grafu zobrazená v rámu mapy" - highlited with yellow color).

But nothing happend. The profile graph in the layout remains unchanged. No matter how I change the dropdown - to data that is visible anywhere in the map frame or to data that's in the current map series page shape.

I want to filter data just like "Extent filter" in graph view (highlited with yellow color), because I don't want to export graph one by one and add it to exported PDF manually.

Is it some kind of bug or am I missing something important? I already red this guide but it didn't help.

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