"Map does not have layers" when it clearly does

03-02-2021 12:08 PM
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Attempting to package a project in ArcGIS Pro 2.7.1 and getting the 00001 Error: "Map does not have layers"

As the screenshot displays, I only have the one map in my catalog which obviously contains layers. 

Anywhere else I should be looking for a hidden empty map?



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Since we so often have to solve our own problems in this "community", here's the solution I used for others with the same issue. 

Right-click the error code:


Click "select map in the contents pane"

Add a simple basemap to the "Map" to resolve the empty layer issue



Unsure where the "Map" is sourced from in my Catalog, so I'm not able to delete it from the project. 


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Mitchell, did you ever find a real solution to this?

Same situation here, except the analyzer reported 3 maps without layer, along with another similar error.  As you can see, the maps are actually shapefiles.  They are not in my catalog, anywhere.  Classic ESRI stuff I grumble about and then feel guilty that I grumbled about later.  A waste of time.  If  you found any other options to pinpoint and fix problem, let me know.



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