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"Connect features" labeling removes DIFFERENT label values?

11-18-2021 05:45 AM
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Hello GIS community! I'm pretty confused over here; my understanding of the "connect features" labeling property has always been that two lines that are connected and share the same label string (ie would be given the same label...) will instead share one label, but connected lines with different values will still receive their own label (provided that there is space or "Never remove (place overlapping)" is enabled). However, a layout I'm working with has had "Never remove (place overlapping)" enabled, and when I just unchecked "connect features," tons more labels showed up... that are not the same as those they are connected to. I am dumfounded! 

According to the documentation, "The Maplex Label Engine Line connection options combine groups of individual line features with the same name into a single linear feature". The only thing I can think is that "features with the same name" is not the same as features with the same label... but then what is that? I tried setting the layer's "Display field" property to be the same as the label string, but that didn't change anything. I can't seem to find any other references to feature "names"? 

I've solved the issue for this map by deselecting "connect features," but now I'm concerned about the same issue showing up in other projects... and am just very confused and want to understand how it actually works! Screenshots attached for the map I was working with....


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Esri Contributor

Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. This is a bug with labeling when composite callouts are used in this scenario. You won't see this connection issue if another callout type is used. We're working on a fix for this in the next release of ArcGIS Pro.

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