Query Date Field for Hosted Layer in ArcGIS Pro

03-14-2018 03:45 PM
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Is it possible to query for a date range in ArcGIS Pro for a hosted data layer.  It gives me a "ERROR 000358: Invalid expression" when I try to select a date using the select by attributes tool.  What is the correct format to use when querying for dates on hosted data?   I would like to make this query the first step in a task.  Thanks for any help.

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I too am completed confused by this. All I'm trying to do is use Pro to "Select by Attributes" as shown in the attached screenshot. However, I'm continually told "There was an error with the expression" despite using the query builder. Things to note:

  • This is hosted Feature Service made using Survey123
  • [Date Operated] is a datefield

Dan Patterson‌, Jake Skinner‌, David Watkins

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I had to CAST the date string to get it to work like this:

DateSmoke BETWEEN CAST('2018-08-01' AS Date) AND CAST('2018-08-31' AS Date)


DateSmoke > CAST('2018-08-01' AS Date)