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Python ExtractLas large LAS dataset

04-12-2023 03:02 AM
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I have LAS dataset round 25000 km2. If i try to create extract from this LAS data set with boundary od several m2 or boundary of several km2, extract process will last more of 4 hours.When i tryed with smaled LAS dataset(round 10000 km2) the process will last round 2 hours.How to optimazing this process to work faster?

Python code is:

arcpy.ddd.ExtractLas(lasDataSetPath,outputDIR,extent="MINOF", boundary=boundarySHP,process_entire_files='PROCESS_EXTENT', remove_vlr=False, rearrange_points='MAINTAIN_POINTS',compute_stats='NO_COMPUTE_STATS',out_las_dataset='output.lasd',compression='NO_COMPRESSION')

How to solved this problem?

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