Publishing data from ArcGIS Pro (single-machine Enterprise configuration)

01-25-2021 10:59 AM
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We recently implemented ArcGIS Enterprise on a virtual machine that will be used as a developer environment. Everything with the Enterprise configuration is working as expected, but we’re encountering consistent errors when attempting to publish data from ArcGIS Pro to Portal.

We believe the core issue is related to DNS/ports, as we’re able to successfully publish data from the VM itself, but attempts to publish from outside of the VM consistently fail for feature layers. Oddly enough, we’re able to publish Map Image layers from outside the VM, just not feature layers.

We’re using Cloudflare for DNS, so this may be part of the issue. Cloudflare may be blocking DNS access when attempting to publish feature layers from outside of the VM environment. We were unable to publish from the VM until we adjusted the DNS/ports to point directly at the app gateway rather than Cloudflare. After pointing directly to the app gateway, we were able to publish from the VM successfully. But this did not resolve the issue when attempting to publish from outside of the VM.

We have implemented a firewall rule, because it appears that Cloudflare challenges publishing attempts from ArcGIS Pro. Though this has not had any impact on publishing from outside the VM. We have encountered similar issues with additional instances of ArcGIS Enterprise in the past, and wanted to reach out to the community to see if anyone else has encountered similar issues?

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