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Publishing a WMS to ArcGIS Online

04-26-2023 07:19 AM
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New to ArcGIS Desktop and currently testing out publishing a raster tile to WMS for use on ArcGIS Online. 

This seems to work in ArcGIS Desktop, and previews under 'My Content' in ArcGIS Online - but when I go into the Map Viewer it is "incompatible with current basemap". 

This is the same regardless of which background map I show, or indeed if the background map is switched off! 

Am I missing something obvious? Any help much appreciated. 

Screenshot 2023-04-26 at 15.00.56.png

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Do a "GETCAPABILITIES" on the service and make sure it's showing the projections you need. For example with my service I can send it the URL in a browser:

It will send back XML that includes what it knows.  For the main layer it shows


<Title>County aerial photos</Title>


EPSG:3857 is web mercator that is what you need to see for web maps to work.

I recently went through hoops until I found I needed GLOBAL WEB MERCATOR for online maps and GLOBAL MERCATOR for printing in Web AppBuilder. But that's another story.

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