Problem with reading NETCDF files in ArcGIS Pro

02-01-2022 08:26 AM
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Hi everyone, 

I am trying to import a NetCDF file in ArcGIS Pro, but I am not getting the right data in my table. Under the column ST-Days, I get a date instead of a number of days. I haver contacted the source of the data and they told me that it's fine from their side and that probably the problem comes from the ARCGIS interpreter. 

It's my first time using NETCDF files in Arcgis pro, so maybe I am doing something wrong. 

Can someone please help and check if they get the same result as me (and send me a screen shot)?

I am using the Copernicus DataPortal :!/dataset/sis-tourism-snow-indicators?tab=form


My API request is : 

import cdsapi

c = cdsapi.Client()

        'format': 'zip',
        'time_aggregation': 'climatology',
        'variable': 'period_with_medium_height_of_natural_snow',
        'experiment': 'rcp8_5',
        'period': '2081-2100',
        'statistic': '50th_percentile',
        'version': '1_0',

That would be highly appreciated. 

Thanks in advance, 


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