Problem with creating polygon with xy table

07-16-2019 05:44 PM
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I tried to create a polygon using XY table as explained in the Esri support.

The half of the process was done as expected and the rest didn't go well.

I converted the excel to table and the points were populated on the map.

The process of XY to line was done as it was explained, but there were no lines between the points.

I checked everything, the table was correct, there was no any error report for XY to line process.

Could you please help me?



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Amir - I'd recommend that after you create the point feature class from the XY table, you then use the Points to Line geoprocessing tool with the Sort Field parameter filled in appropriately.  Then you can use the Construct Polygons command on the Modify Features pane in ArcGIS Pro to create the polygons.  Hope this helps!

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Hello Robert

Thank you for your reply.

I did draw lines using Python coding before.

This time I wanted to using the ArcGIS standard functions for purpose of training.

Actually I found my problem.

It was silly but very important however it didn't mention in Esri document.

In the step of XY to line, we have to select the projection system.

In the dialog box said optional but it is not optional it is very critical.

I think this part has to be fixed in the next version of ArcGIS.

Kind regards

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