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Pro - "Couldn't sign you in; Unauthorized"

09-08-2023 07:48 AM
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Not a sexy post, but something bad has corrupted something in a project.  Screenshot 2023-09-08 083309.jpg

This isn't necessarily the issue, it may be the symptom of some larger issue with a project.  Having debilitating slowness and dysfunctionality with a project.  Basic everything involves 30 seconds of churning.  Turn layer on, turn labels on, opening, closing tabs.  

Troubleshooting steps:

1) Cleared cache for project 2) Turned off Maplex 3) Removed large FCs and the large raster 4) Exported as layout file (.pagx) and started new project, imported.

Even for #4, no resolution.  Same slowness, error pops up.  I close it, it emerges again multiple times.

Note that I opened another unrelated project, and no issues.  So it's not systemic or a reinstall situation.  

I wonder if something is corrupted in the project geodatabase or an associated file.  Yet when I remove all FCs from that gdb in a map, the issue persists.  But that's all I can think of.  Troubleshooting Step 4 has me baffled because I'm importing a lean layout with only 4 FCs that are all pretty small.

Any ideas?


3.0.2 | Windows 11 

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Zach, it's interesting that other projects open just fine. I would try starting a new project from scratch and either loading in each layer individually and seeing where it breaks, or recreate the layers. I find that with some unexpected errors that have no information that usually something else is going on, like a semi-colon in the file path (which is always a silent killer). I also find that sometimes my project won't break until I: 1) load in troublesome layer, 2) save project, 3) close project, 4) open project. This is a chore since it takes a lot of time, but that's when I find some errors after those four steps (so, I lately have been saving iterations of project files due to these silly errors).

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