PRO Package Project - Dataset not found message

04-06-2022 11:39 AM
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Hi all,

This post is a workaround for people who receives the message (Dataset not found message) when running Arcpro Project Packaging Tool.

The issue with this tool is, when you click on Analyze, it does not show any warning, but when you run the tool, it fails and shows this message:
Dataset not found message
The message does not give useful hints about what dataset makes the problem.
The workaround to overcome this issue, is simply run the tool using Arcpy, because if the tool faild, it tells you exactly where the problem is, it provides a detail information about the issue, which is very easily can be found and fix it.
Just this line is enough to run:, output_file)
if you got this issue, and fixed, please give us a thumb, or mark this as answer.
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It seems as though even if you exclude toolboxes from the package, Pro will still attempt to process them.

I had a project where I'd verified every data source yet still produced the 'database not found' error.  Attempting to share the project package as a template threw up a new set of errors showing that it had found invalid data sources in some temporary models in my default toolbox.  I had to delete all the models which didn't work anymore to get it to package properly.

Esri, please exclude toolboxes from the packaging process if the option is selected.

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Thank you for this suggestion! Worked great for me when I deleted the model in my toolbox.

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After a few tries I did get this method to work. But I'm going to post exactly what I did to hopefully help neophytes like me who need all the steps.

In ArcGIS Pro, I went to the Analysis tab and clicked "Python" in the Geoprocessing section.

In the New Notebook that opened, I entered the following bold text, specific names are in brackets and should be replaced and brackets removed.

import arcpy

in_project = "[project name].aprx"
output_file = "[output file path, with forward slashes, e.g. C:/ArcGIS Projects/etc].ppkx", output_file)

Then I hit "run" and it gave a very helpful set of error messages after it finished. 

Like others, it was custom tools (which I told it to exclude) that were the problem.