Pro 2.6 Data Sources Update Tool Issues

08-14-2020 12:49 PM
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I am very glad that ESRI has added the Data Sources Update tool to Pro 2.6, but I am running into issues using the tool for SDE (Oracle) migration projects.

1.) I have found that Data Sources Update tool failed every time when in Workspace View for SDE data.  Not good!

2.) I have found the Data Sources Update tool worked in Item View on SDE feature classes that are not in a Feature Dataset. Good!

3.) I have found that the Data Sources Update tool failed in Item View on SDE feature classes that are in a Feature Dataset.  Not good!

The fact that the Data Sources Update tool did not work for me in Workspace View reduces the value of this tool as I planned on resourcing multiple feature classes with the same SDE connection all at once, as opposed to the Item View where this is done item by item so it is much more time consuming.

Have other GIS users had success using the Workspace view to resource SDE data in Pro?

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So after working with ESRI tech support, we have appeared to find the problem which seems to be related to SDE privileges.  The Workspace mode of the tool was failing for me with users who had select, insert, update and delete SDE privileges.

The ESRI tech support analyst was getting it to work in Workspace mode on an Oracle database as the SDE user who is created by default when the database is created and has elevated privileges.

When the ESRI tech support created SDE users with just select, insert, update and delete SDE privileges, the Data Source Update tool failed in Workspace mode.

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