Pro 2.4 very slow connect to Oracle

07-24-2019 02:20 AM
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Hello all

I upgrade from Pro 2.3 to 2.4 a week ago.

I have a Geodatabase in Oracle11. Open the connection takes little more time.

Drag one table (10 records) to pro takes for ever (same with layer).

Same problem on two machines that was upgraded.

Anybody see this?

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Hi Mody Buchbinder‌, 

Sounds like an odd issue you have here. I don't know of any known/documented issues with Oracle 11g enterprise geodatabase connections and ArcGIS Po 2.4. Some suggestions for you to help narrow down why this might be happening: 

  • Are all of your geodatabases on this instance experiencing the same performance level decrease? 
    • Do you have another Oracle instance to test with? 
  • What version level is the enterprise geodatabase itself? If you have not upgraded in quite a while, you might want to consider this:
  • Is the connection/layer drawing slow for all users or just your database user? What about on a different user profile on the machine?
  • Does your local data have the same problem, or only data coming from Oracle? 
  • Have you tried deleting the connection completely and adding the database connection to the project again?
  • How is the performance level of that geodatabase in ArcMap? Still okay?