Practical Limits on Number of Maps in ArcGIS Pro Project

08-02-2022 08:52 AM
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Although Esri doesn't appear to state there are any limits to how many maps can be included in an ArcGIS Pro project, there are always practical limits to such functionality in any software application.  So, I wanted to start a post to have folks discuss what they have found for the practical limits of maps within ArcGIS Pro projects.

For example, I recently had a project where importing MXDs for map service republication from Pro resulted in 150+ maps.  Most of the maps are fairly simple in terms of number of layers and symbology.  The APRX file is 7MB, which I consider fairly small and manageable.

There are some downsides I have run into with this number of maps.  One is it does take noticeably longer than usual to open, but not having all of the maps open in the project can make the time-to-open manageable.  There are also certain ArcPy functions that seem to take longer (like updateConnectionProperties) because they want to touch every map.

I am interested in hearing other people's thoughts.  I know there is a similar discussion to be had for layouts, but please keep your shared experiences limited to maps.



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yes, this would be useful to know as well - some of our larger projects might have 250+ MXDs