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PostGIS table requirements to play well with Pro (and Enterprise)

06-02-2023 06:15 AM
Regular Contributor

A user has a vanilla PostGIS database, and would like to view the data in Pro, as well as publish tables by reference to Enterprise.  Is there a list of best practices / requirements to optimize the experience (both in Pro and from the Enterprise web service standpoint)?

For example, what we've seen so far in testing is:

  1. integer unique identifier column
  2. lowercase field names (or at least geometry column needs lowercase field name.

I'm curious if there are other important requirements / best practices.  For example, setting a spatial index. 

Same "best practices" question for publishing the table by reference in Enterprise. 

At minimum, when traversing the table list in the Catalog pane, how do you make the spatial table icons show up with the spatial type (see screenshot)? 


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