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08-02-2021 07:28 PM
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Good day!

Currently are set in the company is "versioning version". in the process flow I'm in the middle and approver of 3 staff.

here's the scenario and observation:

In my map project I have loaded 1 layer because I'm approving and reviewing each layer, after reviewing I've reconcile the layer to our database admin. Then there's a window prompt "RECONCILE" saying 

Object Level conflicts were detected and resolved in favor of the "edit" version Do you wish to resolve the conflicts? 



I've selected the "yes" and in the conflict manager - there were list of layers indicating list of updates - and they are not in my project map.




My question are:

  • should I've selected "no" in the prompt window since I'm focus only in the particular layer in my project map?
  • it is really natural to display or include in the conflict manager layers not in my project map?


Thank you! 

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