Post-Process GPS Data from Field Maps into ArcGIS Pro

05-27-2021 09:54 AM
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I have been trying to investigate any way to post-process data using ArcGIS - has anyone been able to do any type of post-processing of GPS data in ArcGIS Pro?

There doesn't seem to be much documentation that confirms whether you can or can't, so any ideas or feedback is welcome! Trying to look for options that work well with Trimble but we want to move away from using TerraFlex/TerraSync (it is not user friendly for post-processing).

Thank you!

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I have not seen a method for post-processing GPS data in ArcGIS Pro. 

Two methods my organization uses are, use Trimble PathFinder Office to perform post-processing of data collected with TeraSync and export to shapefile or geodatabase (license level dependent). 

Or use ArcCollector to collect field data with a mobile device connected to a Trimble receiver and rely on the accuracy of said receiver, hopefully one with real-time correction.

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Thank you for the reply!

I finally chatted with ESRI about it - it was a little confusing because "post-processing" is referred to in the Differential Corrections sections of the article. It turns out that when they refer to post-processing, they are just talking about traditional geoprocessing. In Field Maps, it's going to rely on the precision of the GPS unit or receiver to gather data.

We also typically use TerraSync or PathFinder - but I'm hoping to find other alternatives because it's not super intuitive for new users.

Thank you again!