Polynomial coefficients in Raster Calculator

08-23-2021 11:07 AM
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I was wondering what (if any) syntax would be used to incorporate the coefficients from a polynomial independent variable into a Raster Calculator equation. For example, if you wish to show a unimodal response to elevation, the syntax in R would be response~Elevation+I(Elevation^2). Is this possible using Raster Calculator? If not, is there another tool available to achieve this result? Thanks in advance.

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A quick tour of using Map Algebra in Spatial Analyst—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

How Raster Calculator works—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation


An overview of the Math toolset—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

will cover a basic introduction in using raster data and raster "math" if you are transitioning into doing this within a gis environment.  It is basically the same principles

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