Point based intensity grid

02-07-2023 08:59 AM
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Appreciate it if someone could guide me as to how to create a point based density grid on ArcGIS Pro using Kernel density.

Basically, I am trying to replicate a study on fishing intensity derived from fishing vessel positions (raw points - see pic 1) and transform the data into a heat map - see pic 2.

So far Im trying to use kernel density, but am unable to interpret the previous studys information on how the intensity map was derived.

In pic 2 - cell sizes for the densities are 500x500m grids – creating 0.25Km2 grids

So the questions are regarding kernel density inputs:

What should the 'cell size' be?

What should the Search Radius be?

Im assuming the Area should be Square Kilometers

I am a complete novice to ArcGis pro, so please forgive me for my ignorance!

Help is appreciated.



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