Planar or Geodesic area calculation (sqm)

11-19-2021 04:04 AM
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Hello, is there a "good way" to determine if the planar or geodesic method should be used (for area calculation), when working with UTM ?

e.g: I am working with WGS 1984 UTM (Zone Nord) data and when calculating polygons areas, in square meter, I have the below results

# At buildings level (~1:2,000) the geodesic method produce a slightly larger area (1 feature)

# City level (~1:12:000) the planar method produce slightly larger areas (multiple features)

Thank you!

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General discussion

Geodesic versus planar distance—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

which applies to area, so it will be the projection you are using, plus your location and the size of the feature you are measuring that will account for the differences between planar and geodesic.  See the tip at the bottom of the link 


Field calculator expression is also a check

: !shape.area@squaremeters!

: !shape.geodesicArea@squaremeters!

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