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Overwriting source to webmap layers in arcPro

04-12-2023 11:51 AM
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I am trying a workflow to overwrite layers in a webmap in ArcGIS Pro, and having success but the webmap overview page is not reflecting the correct data. Below is my exact workflow:

  1. Open new project in ArcGIS Pro
  2. Open webmap via the ArcGIS Pro catalog using the Add and Open option
  3. Open properties of target layer in Contents pane
  4. Set data source to new HFL via ArcGIS Online
  5. Confirm new source is correct
  6. Share->Save Webmap
  7. Save choosing option to archive old version

This works perfectly and the webmap will display the new data source using the old datas symbology, which is exactly what I'm hoping for, however the webmaps overview page on AGOL will still link to the old data in the layers section of the overview page, and if you select information in the properties of the webmap it will still link to the old data. 

Is there any way to force the webmaps overview page to refresh and display the new layer which is being shown in the map?

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