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08-29-2021 11:09 PM
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Publish a symbol style to WebStyle is a nice option to define symbology in web applications.

The problem is that I could not find a way in Pro to overwrite existing WebStyle.

Most of my applications are using the WebStyle by ID and the id is changing every time I update the style and republish.

Is there a way to publish and keep the old ID?


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would that be because they are readonly?

Styles—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

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Hi Dan

I am not sure I understand you.

I cannot edit such an item after it was published, there is no such option in AGOL. I can understand it, such a UI is not simple to write and that's what we have Pro for.

The problem is that Pro (unlike any other sharing that I can think about) does not have the option to change the content of wen style while keeping it's ID (overwrite)

This option exists under share of Web Layer, Locator, Web Tool, etc.


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I would really like to have this ability (overwrite web style) in Pro.  I can always ask to see if it is on the Road Ahead at the UC.  I push our Web styles to a HUB and don't want to create new web style each time I make a change and then update the link in HUB.


Allison Hardy

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