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Overlapping/duplicate lines in adjacent polygons

09-03-2019 12:00 PM
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I'm working in ArcGIS pro. I brought in a CAD polyline that I've split into a grid of polygons using the "feature to polygon" tool. It worked well except I need to symbolize the polygon layer with a dot/dashed line boundary which looks "messy" because of overlapping adjacent polygon lines (i.e. the line looks solid where lines overlap). I've researched the issue on this forum and elsewhere and am still unsure of whether it's a symbology issue (solved by some sort of masking) or whether it's a polygon geometry issue. Thanks in advance!

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I got this answer from a "note" in this Esri technical article.

In the Symbology pane of the layer, under the Properties tab, click Layers:Select the symbol layer to configure and expand Dash effect. For the At line ends property, select the desired option other than No constraint.

I just did this and it worked. I flipped it from "No constraint" to "Full pattern" and now all dashed boundaries along adjacent polygons draws as dashed with no overlaps.

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