Ortho mapping block adjustment unsolvable images

02-24-2021 08:22 AM
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I'm trying to create an orthomosaic using drone photos, but I keep hitting a snag. I've then worked through ESRI's tutorial (link here), but I get exactly the same error.

I have created the workspace as instructed in the tutorial, then set up the Adjust function also as described in the tutorial. However, the tool fails and the log states all unsolvable images have been removed, which is all of them.

If anyone is able to offer any help or advice it would be much appreciated!

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If you have the images, I recommend processing them using different software.  ESRI has Drone2Map and I think Site Scan.  Both will be a much easier solution to post process images to create the ortho you are looking to create.  The downside is that they cost money.  You might be able to get a free trial of something else though.  I believe you can get a free trial of Site Scan.  You might also consider other software to handle both the flights and the post processing, like Drone Deploy.  I personally use Site Scan for flight planning and Drone2Map for post processing the images into Topo, Orthoimagery, 3D models, etc.  You can read an overview of my process here:

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