Only one instance of ArcGIS Pro allowed?

10-09-2014 04:05 PM
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This sounds very limiting to me.  I typically have several instances of ArcMap running simultaneously dragging layers back & forth between them.  Maybe once I get better versed in Pro there are other, better options for this, but right now this feels like it will be an issue.

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No, there aren't really better options, we are stuck with workarounds until it is addressed.  This concern was raised very early on by beta testers.  It is a known issue they want to resolve and are working on resolving, it just isn't resolved yet.  I can't say what the odds are of having it addressed by final release, but I am not holding my breath.

Not to nitpick on semantics, but they are important in this case.  A user can run more than one instance of ArcGIS Pro, just not on the same machine at the same time.  The current per-user licensing model allows a user to run ArcGIS Pro on up to three machines, unless offline licensing is enabled, and then the limit is one.

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Closing the loop on this one - multiple instances have been supported since Pro 2.0 (June 2017)


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