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08-24-2020 02:48 AM
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From a long time, I am trying to import *.obj files in ArcGIS Pro with aim to convert those *.obj files to *.shp shapefiles.

To explain more, I have labelled patches that were prepared in ContextCapture. Alongwith the *.obj file, I am also importing *.i3s (SPLK layer), *.las (point-cloud) for visual reference. Now all these files are of same SRS whenever, I import them in ArcGIS Pro. But whenever I import the *.obj files, they are not georeferenced, and the other pointcloud and i3s models are georefernced. So I am not able to figure out that how can I bring all the 3 models in the same context and same SRS. 

Any help would be appreciated. If any further details are needed, I can give here.

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Based on the description of your issue this is a possible solution. 

You just need to update the workflow as the the .obj files have local coordinates. 

  1. Create a multipatch  (simple cube or sphere) for each locations where the .obj will be located. 
    • The multipatch should have the "correct" CS. 
  2. Use the editing tool Replace  Miltipatch Replace a multipatch feature—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation 
  3. Replace each location with the corresponding .OBJ file

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So I followed your advice and I was able to get the obj texture file to georeferenced to the correct location but the orientation of the texture is wrong. Do you know how to solve this problem?


Ian Moffit

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