Not Loading all 3D Models in a Scene

02-23-2021 12:00 AM
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Hello there!

I have a whole City i want to load into an ArcGIS Pro local Scene. The 3D models are gatherd together in squares. There are about 1300 files i want to load into the scene. Of course this leads to performance issues on my computer.

Is it possible, to connect my local view in the scene to the model-squares in a geodatabase, so that ArcGIS Pro only needs to load the models that I'm seeing right now? I think this is how online GIS-tools of cities handle the performance for users.

Maybe this got asked before, but i can't find a thread since I'm new to the "scene". Thanks for all the advice!

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I'm wondering if ArcGIS CityEngine is a better tool to use than ArcGIS Pro for a large city.  Do you have a license for ArcGIS Engine?  If so, then you will be able to import your 3D models into that application.

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I do not have a license but I will now look into it. Thanks!

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