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Not all labels shifting based on offset

07-31-2023 10:34 AM
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Hello all, 

I am struggling to get labels to be positioned properly in my map. I want all labels to show and be offset by 60 pts. In the position settings I have the box checked under "Unplaced Labels" to never remove. In the position settings, I have it set to "Top right of point" with an offset of 60 pts. However, when the unplaced labels are added, the offset is not applied. 

I don't understand why the labels are not being placed in the first place. I have checked weights and priorities for the labels and they are the highest of both. 


Unplaced labels shown in red, unclear why they can't be drawn at the offset: 


Labels once all labels are forced to be placed with the same offset setting:


Any ideas of things to try are greatly appreciated! 

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Since you have a relatively large offset, point ambiguity may be preventing label placement because the label may be close to other points. 

In 3.1 there is a new Remove ambiguous labels control to customize how this works or turn it off.


In your case set this to Do not remove.


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