No layers are drawing in ArcGis Pro

11-19-2019 12:11 PM
New Contributor

I am working on a project in ArcGIS Pro mainly dealing with several overlapping rasters. It was going fine, but now none of my layers are drawing, not even the basemap. The map window is just blank white. 

I have tried turning all layers on and off, zooming to layers, changing the basemap, zooming in and out, restarting Pro, nothing is working. Does anyone know what caused this or what can be done about it?

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Esri Contributor

Hi Bonner,

A few initial questions come to mind. There could be a lot of reasons and it may be best served as a support case but initially:

Where is the data stored, file geodatabase, enterprise database, online as tiled?

To clarify, no layers not even the non-imagery layers, display in this project, it is just a white map regardless of what's on or off?

Does the map drawing complete? Like is it spinning or does it complete?

Determining if it is somehow map specific, if you pull those layers into a new map (insert map and add or copy them) do they display?

Is it possible to open the project on another machine to see if the behavior persists?



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