NIr layer has become alpha layer in Pleiades orthomosaic

10-08-2021 12:34 AM
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Hello all!

A couple of months ago I made an orthomosaic in ArcGIS Pro using pan-sharpened multispectral pleiades imagery. This was used for training and detecting AI-models. However, we came back to it this week because we wanted to see if the model could be improved by including the NIR-layer instead of only RGB imagery. However, in the mosaic, band 4 is completely uniform and has become the alpha layer, even though the raw imagery does show the original NIR-imagery for band 4.

I am assuming I switched/ forgot to switch something on/off  for this to happen but I do not know where to look. I'll probably have to recalculate everything again so I would like to be sure what I have to check before I redo the entire process.  The end result should be pansharpened RGB+NIR 4 band ortho-imagery.

I could write out my entire process but it is lenghty so I'm not sure it is useful. If necessary I can do it.

Thanks in advance.

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