Network Error and Quick Start Tutorials

06-22-2021 10:12 AM
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Hello all,


I'm trying to work on the quick start tutorials (ArcGIS Pro quick-start tutorials—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation), but when I go to add a new project, I encounter a "network error". The online portal nor Living Atlas will return search results for anything I ask. There's nothing wrong with my internet, I'm signed in, and this used to be something I could do without any difficulty. Is anyone else encountering this type of error, and if so, how did you fix it? 

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Hello, I did not get the same error, but I did receive an error at the same step. I clicked on the tutorial project after searching for it and I could not get through. I was logged in with my personal account at the time, which does not have an ArcGIS Pro license associated with it. So, I logged out and then tried again using my company's access and was able to get through... do you have the ArcGIS Pro license? Hope this helps,


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