Network Analyst Routes to the wrong street

01-26-2021 09:52 AM
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Are there any solutions(other than fishbones or adding in new road segments)  to make Network Analyst route along the appropriate street? For example, if we have an addressed on A st, but its closest to B st, Network Analyst routes down B st. This is not correct. Are there any work arounds or settings that will bypass this behavior, excluding what I mentioned above? 

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This is not correct.  But to Network Analyst it is. I understand that problem after working in 9-1-1 for many years and using NA to get fire and ems routed to a location.  The only thing I could do is move my address points closer to the actual street that accessed it.

That should just about do it....
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Perhaps having a pre-script which matches the input points to the correct street, then those new points are loaded-in to NA - hopefully the street polyline and points have an address/street field to match against then snap to.

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