Need learning path direction, please.

01-26-2022 05:46 PM
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I'm not even sure where to start with asking this question, so please pardon my lack of knowledge and naivety of terminology. I appreciate any advice. 

Just as an example, let's say I have a multi-point line that represents the path of a highway on one layer. On another layer, I have property boundaries. My end goal would be to show how many and which properties the highway would touch or enter into. Now, lets say the highway is 40 feet wide with 10 feet of right-of-way on each side, how would I figure that into it? Then, how close is this highway to streams, crops, etc... And how would I be able to demonstrate said information on an interactive map (which, from what I'm learning, is the easiest part of this).

This is just an example. I'm looking for what topics I would need to learn to figure out the above example problem. 

Additional info:
I am a web developer who is used to working with JS and Python - if that is needed. Many moons ago, I worked at a civil engineering firm and got some basic ArcView training to make public info maps and graphics. In watching online videos and reading articles, it's all coming back and it all makes sense. I'm just tired of reading/watching 'this is how you add a shape layer' type of material. I don't know what terms to search for what I want to learn. I have a personal license, if that makes a difference. 

I didn't tag this because "I don't know what to Google" didn't seem appropriate. 

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proximity (all your questions are about distance)

select by spatial location (within a distance of, intersects, crosses)

Learn how to use the tools in ArcToolbox, shortcuts can come later

Select Layer By Location (Data Management)—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

    pictures etc

            Select By Location graphic examples—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

            Select By Location: Select based on spatial relationship within the layer—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

You could move on to "select by attributes etc"

Familiarize yourself with ArcToolbox

Anatomy of a tool reference page—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

To get you started.  If you just follow arctoolbox, you will be well versed, and they have python examples there as well incase you need to automate the use of the tools as some stage.

python, for python's sake and for working with tools

ArcGIS Pro Python reference—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

To make matters worse, the webbie stuff is found in 

API Reference for the ArcGIS API for Python — arcgis 1.9.1 documentation

but you need to understand arcpy and arctoolbox first.

And not a reference to adding a shapefile in the lot.



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Thank you for the reply. I shall look into ArcToolBox and Proximity with the links that you have provided. Much appreciated! 


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Donald, this Learn lesson may be interesting to you:

Since you're a web developer, see the JavaScript API web help. There are examples, like this one on selection:
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