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02-16-2022 02:28 PM
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I am new to esri. If I want to find Surplus and Leakage of a particular Sector, which product should I purchase ? Looking for 3-8 acre sites in Southeast United States.  I am not a Developer.


Rob Ciaravino

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Hello @RobertCiaravino , thank you for reaching out on Esri Community! Given that this is a question, rather than an Idea for a product-specific request, I will move this post to the ArcGIS Pro Questions board instead. 

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@RobertCiaravino You indicate "Surplus and Leakage": does this involve pipe networks?

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Sounds like a problem for Business Analyst. While there is a Business Analyst solution for ArcGIS Pro, there is also a web app. I'm not sure which might provide exactly what you're looking for, so would recommend asking the question in the Business Analyst place: Good luck!

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