My pop-up in Pro is not working?

08-29-2019 12:52 AM
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After configuring a pop-up, I thought it should pop-up when a feature is clicked, but this doesn't happen. This should be a simple process but I guess am missing something here. My Screenshot looks like this.

Could anyone help please?

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Pop-ups—ArcGIS Pro | ArcGIS Desktop 

Check your Explore tool settings:

How is yours set?  If you zoom in much closer, or use ctrl+drag a box with the Explore tool are you able to get the pop-up to appear?

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I have this problem also.  I am using pro 2.42 .  I have also experienced this on earlier versions.  After working in a project for a while, pop-ups and graphic selection from the map will quit working.   This affects my desktop, laptop computers and the computers at my client sites as well.  Saving, quitting, and re-opening the project seems to fix the problem.  But this is not desirable behavior.  

PS:  This problem seems to be caused by a hang-up with selection.  Since posting this, I've noticed that when I have the forever-wait for pop-ups and graphical selections, it is associated with a cycling of the blue "Selecting" indicator at the bottom right corner of the map.  I can make this stop by selecting something form a table, but when I go back to selecting or invoking a pop-up form the map, it goes back into its forever cycle again until I quit and restart.  This behavior may be related to having done things with geoprocessing models -- which is one difference between the before and after restart conditions.