Multiple Columns in Text Box

04-06-2021 11:24 AM
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I'm trying to create a text box in an ArcGIS Pro layout with multiple columns, I know you can do this by inserting a rectangle and changing the number of columns under paragraphs. However, having done that I don't know how to actually get my text into the columns. Help appreciated, thanks!

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 Edit Text - Columns 

Text in a single text element can be placed in multiple columns in the Format Text pane. Open the pane by right-clicking a text element in the Contents pane and choosing Properties. To add columns, expand the Paragraph header and set the number of columns in the Columns control. Set the distance between columns using the Column Gaps control, and set the distance between the edge of the text element and the start of the text using the Margin control.

Note: Columns are only available for Rectangle, PolygonCircle, and Ellipse text.

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Hi! The text is automatically applied to columns, you can't choose where the column breaks are. If you aren't see your text in multiple columns, it may be that you don't have enough text or that the text box is so large and the font size small enough that everything fits in one column. If you resize your text box or increase the amount of text you have, columns should appear.