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Mouse wheel panning in ArcGIS Pro?

02-07-2019 09:41 AM
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In ArcMap one could pan by pressing the mouse wheel. In ArcGIS Pro this function has switched to the left button when using the Explore Tool, and the wheel when using Selecting. Meanwhile, pressing the right mouse button zooms in and out, which is puzzling since this is the same function as scrolling the mouse wheel. Perhaps it's just me but this is all kind of irritating-is there a way to change the mouse button functions back to what they were in ArcMap or customize them myself (and thus utilize additional buttons on a non-traditional mouse)?

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This is what is offered keyboard-wise with some mouse suggestions

Keyboard shortcuts for navigation—ArcGIS Pro | ArcGIS Desktop 

My mouse doesn't even have a wheel (nor buttons for that matter, but it can be flattened).

Perhaps the lack of explicit mentions in the help is a "lowest common denominator" issue and/or it is assumed that the user to map control via their mouse controllers (as with gaming mice).

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Please help us ESRI. I have been a user of your products for some 24 years, and it never ceases to amaze me how something so relatively simple as options for panning is pretty much impossible to find in online Pro help inside or outside of ESRI. I never use 3D, so don't care about the gazillion shortcuts for modifying my 3D views, but do lots of feature editing, and so little efficiencies like pressing the scroll wheel to do simple panning are very helpful. Sometimes it works in Map View, and sometimes it doesn't (without the Explore tool active/while trying to select features)!

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Alex your comments are still valid now in September 2023. Everything that supposed to be simple, ESRI programmers always find a way to damage it...