Mosaic dataset with multispectral and panchromatic data

02-03-2022 02:18 AM
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I have multi spectral data(3bands RGB) and panchromatic data (single band). I would like to eventually have all the data as a layer for my dashboard. I have already created mosaic dataset and published as imagery layer with multispectral data.

I would like to know can I have both multispectral and panchromatic as a single mosaic dataset. What is the best practice.




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That doesn't make sense. Also a mosaic dataset should have a predefined number of bands.

Do the MS and PAN data have same area of interest? Also do you want to create a high resolution MS Raster output? Then you should use Create Pansharpened Raster Dataset (Data Management).

Fundamentals of pan sharpening—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

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I have multispectral data for some regions and panchromatic data for some regions.

For example, I have multi spectral data of some archaeological sites in India (Bihar,UP) and I also have panchromatic data (Karnataka). I eventually want to have a dataset that displays all sites. Should i create different mosaic datasets.

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