Modify System styles and New Layout-window ArcGIS Pro

11-03-2021 12:43 AM
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My organisation is about to upgrade from ArcGIS Pro 2.3 to 2.8.3 and would like customized Styles and Layouts to be easily accessible to all users within the organisation. How should the installation be configured to make these Styles and Layouts show up in every new project?

The Styles should show up in Catalog under Styles (they should be equal to the System Styles). The Layouts should be available from the New Layout-window on the Insert-ribbon, but if that is not possible they should be listed under Layouts in Catalog.

It was much easier to accomplish this in ArcMap 🙂

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Create a project template—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

Project templates—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

offhand, you should begin your search with the above to see if it meets some or all your needs

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I have done stuff like this in the past by adding Public Groups such as "ArcGIS Pro Layouts and Styles" onto the Enterprise Portal and then adding Styles, Layouts and Project templates to them. They are then easily accessible to all Portal users in your Org, and can easily be added to individual projects. You can use Share as Web Style within Pro to add a style as Portal content. For Layouts and Project templates, as I recall I just uploaded the PAGX or APTX as content and shared it to the group.

As for making styles appear in everyones project by default .. I think you can in Enterprise portal Organisation settings (Map settings section) update the 2D and 3D Web Styles groups from "Esri Default", or configure the system styles as per this article .. How To: Configure Portal for ArcGIS with custom symbology ( I would never do either of these though because I would be too scared of breaking something!

As long as users know where to look in Portal in the Catalog pane they can easily find stuff ..

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Thanks Robert. Unfortunately there is not an existing Portal in my organisation (yet). But I will remember you solution when that day comes!

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You can customize your Import Layout gallery (not the new layout gallery, that one can't be customized) to always show legend templates. Learn more here: