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Model builder SQL selection not finding correct fields

08-21-2023 07:17 AM
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Hi all,

I am very new to ArcGIS and the Model Builder so I'll do my best to be as clear as possible.

I have recently moved into a job that had pre-existing models that are used to speed up the day-to-day data processing. The models in question are fairly straightforward I believe - the parameters ask you to select a dataset, choose a buffer e.g. a site boundary and then select a folder for the extracted output data. There is also a selection box either with 'clauses' or SQL code via a toggle (to select by attributes, see photo). The clause option was useful in some scenarios for being able to specify where [field] 'does not contain' X or 'is not equal to' Y, for example. However, now the 'field' drop down shows only 'VALUE' as if it does not recognise the fields from the dataset chosen as a parameter and when VALUE is selected, the 'values' dropdown menu is blank (for clarity, VALUE is not a field in any of our datasets).


This was not the case previously (i.e. the day before it was working fine!) and the appropriate fields would appear in the drop down. We have some other models that use the same SQL variable and the same model set up and I can't identify any differences when looking at the models in model builder. The model's basic layout is first a select by location on the chosen dataset using the buffer and then that selection is put through a select by attribute (which is fed into by the SQL/selection parameter). 

Has anyone experienced a similar issue or know what could be the problem?

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Hello RosingMC


According to the image, it looks like you are trying to use a selection process tool in ModelBuilder; That kind of processes consist in making a filter separating some data to build another layer to study in.


The first thing is when you drop down the field where, it shows you just the VALUE attribute and then after the conditional field the data to extract there is nothing to show you (it's blank), is that correct? and this behavior is presenting in other models you're trying to replicate.


I've tried to reproduce the same issue on my end by doing a simple model on a point layer. To display the same window as you attached here I select my layer and the attached the select-by-layer tool in my ModelBuilder.


When I click on the select by layer attribute tool, the window allows to me select the data I want to extract, and it shows me the information in the dataset, but the attributes that do not have the information it doesn't show me anything to complete like the ReachCode attribute.


could you please attached more information?



  • The model in ModelBuilder (Screenshot)
  • The attribute table (Screenshot).


Thanks so much.


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