Model Builder makes ArcGIS Pro to crash when editing

09-12-2019 05:57 AM
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Windows 10, ArcGIS Pro 2.4.1.

I have a toolbox with a single tool inside.

Whenever I try to edit a parameter or run the tool, ArcGIS Pro crashes.

The toolbox and the tool were produced using a previous (recent) version of ArcGIS Pro and used to work with no issues. Unfortunately I cannot remember the exact version, but it's recent as I have automatic check for updates enabled and I update whenever I am notified.

I attach the toolbox for giving anyone interested the chance to replicate the problem and possibly diving into it a bit.

I also attach the dump file produced on the last crash.

Here are the steps to reproduce the crash:

- open my tool in edit

- enter with double click in whatever parameter

- makes some legitimate change (e.g. change the source file to another)

- click OK to exit the window

ArcGIS Pro should come back to the edit window. However, the application crashes.

The same happens when I press RUN to execute the tool.

Is this a bug?

Any help would be very much appreciated.

I'll also open a support ticket if you think it's better.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Alessandro Valra,

Thanks for reporting the crash. I will check and get back to you in a day. Could be a tool related issue.

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I can reproduce the crash and we have added it to our backlog to fix it for the upcoming release. Thanks again for reporting!