Model Builder Join tool output is wrong

07-27-2020 11:19 AM
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Hey everyone,

I built a model to select records from a non-spatial table of COVID-19 data based on a date Field, create a table, and then join that table to an existing feature class of countries. I also utilized the "Iterate Row Selection" iterator to run through the entire master table's date field, creating a new table for each dat. The way the model is built, each time a new table is created from the selected rows, that table would be joined to a feature class and a new output feature class would be created. Essentially, I would have a countries feature class, containing daily COVID-19 data, for every single day since 12/31/2019.

The model correctly iterated through the master table's Date field, and created a new table for each day. However, each of the output feature classes ended up being joined only to the first date table: Date table 12/31/2019.

I'm not sure why my model would correctly create individual date tables for each day, but not join them correctly to the countries feature class.

I've attached pictures of the model, and what the outputs look like.

Date_Tables.PNG: These are the date tables created by the "Copy Rows" tool after the iterator selects dates, day by day. These output tables are all correct: each day is associated with the correct COVID data.

Output_Countries_FCs.PNG: These are the outputs of the "Create New Feature" tool, which is supposed to take the output of the "Join Countries & Table" tool and provide a permanent feature class. At face value, the image shows what looks to be like model working correctly. There is an output feature class, correctly named, that should have the countries feature class associated with a particular day's COVID-19 data from the master table. 

Output_Countries_AttTable.PNG: I attached this photo to show you where the tool is working incorrectly. The RED circles in the image highlight the date of the output feature class (5/16/2020), and the date table that was joined to it (12/31/2019). This feature class was supposed to have the 5/16/2020 date table attached, but instead had the 12/31/2019 table joined, as did every other output feature class.

Any help circumventing this issue would be greatly appreciated! 

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