Model Builder Filter Table

09-03-2020 12:27 PM
New Contributor

For the record I am really new to Model Builder but I need some help.  I am trying to embrace it as an old VBA guy.  

  1. Attached you see a picture of my current model.  I feel like I am close.  What I am trying to do is the following:
  2. Loop through a table and get a unique value (DIVLOC)  Unique identifier for our stores.
  3. Then using that value (DIVLOC) I want to filter the same table by that DIVLOC which is a tracts table for each store.  The reason it is a table is because it is 5 million records.
  4. Since it is a table I want to join it to a tracts shapefile and export the joined shapefile to a geodatabase.  
  5. I want to do this for every store in some sort of loop.  

Basically I am trying to create a shapefile for each one of our stores based off this file.  Since you don't have an immediate window or a print function or message box it is not easy to see what is going on.  I feel like my current hang up is filtering based on the Value right now.  Then the joining is a bit of an issue.  Anyone have any clue what I am doing wrong or what I should be trying to use.  

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