Migration From ArcMap To ArcPro-Replacing Rep Rules

03-10-2022 05:04 AM
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We are in the process of Migrating our Automatic Workflows from ArcMap to ArcPro here in Ordnance Survey Ireland.

This involves replacing the use of Visual Specifications (VST) and Rep Rules to symbolise features automatically.

So far we have the process working but we just feel there could be a better way out there:

The way we currently have the process working is by adding a new field to features in our Cartographic Data Store, this field will be populated with the name of the symbology of a said product in this case the field will be called DS_Symbology (in essence replacing the Rep Rule Field)  to categorise all the symbols required for our Discovery Series Product. This makes it easier for layers to read from this field to symbolise features as they are already categorised and also  makes it easier to iterate through certain features in other models

This field will have to be created new every time our processes are run to include new features from our Core Database

The model that is created to populate this field is rather simple in that it selects the attributes of a given feature for example Youth Hostels in the Buildings Feature Class


then a calculate field is used to name these selected features the same as the name of the symbol in the style file ‘Youth_Hostel’

This process is repeated for every feature that would have existed in the VST (this could be over 100 between current products) and just seems very tedious and getting over complicated to manage as this model will have to grow and grow with the more products we add to the model.

Has anyone out there any experience or suggestions on how we could improve this process any ideas would be welcome?


Tauna McCartin

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